It´s a spiced world

Berlin Spiced Gin


It´s a spiced world

Berlin Spiced Gin

A deliberately
full-bodied gin that plays
with the senses.

At some point during my work as a bartender at Booze Bar Berlin , I began to experiment with infusing liquers. I had a good understanding of the basics of cocktail mixing, and while i was mixing different spirits and liquers, i was also adding new flavours and searching for some special ingredients. It was not about inventing a new spirit, I just wanted to create a unique signature cocktail.

So I went in search of new methods and remained enthusiastic about infusing alcohol. There were endless possibilities, you just had to find a special combination. I liked the characteristics of gin, but I was missing a fuller taste.
On the other hand I did have a passion for Kräuterschnaps, but didn’t like its sweetness. After a few trials the time had come: The first Knete Gin saw the light of the bar. The rest of the story can be told quickly: I mixed a Gin Sour with Knete Gin and called it Nörgelknete. The Nörgelknete cocktail soon became very popular in the bar I was working at and I decided to have Knete Gin professionally produced.

As a big fan of FaudeFeineBrände it was clear that I wanted to produce Knete Gin there. Together with Florian Faude Knete Gin was refined to the product, which I am pleased to be able to offer today.



Orange peel provides a fruity and slightly bitter note

Pink pepper

Pink pepper provides a resinous fruity sweetness and a hint of spiciness.


Cardamom, with its flowery citrus notes and strong eucalyptus-like freshness, brings a pleasant contrast to the tongue and a sweetness that especially appeals to the nose.


Ginger rounds off the overall impression with earthy notes and at the same time gives a warm finish.


In India tulsi is worshiped. For Knete Gin it is a source of complex herbal notes and fine bitter accents.

Knetes Senses


» Bright Amber
» Reddish Tones


» Trocken anregend
» Rund / Harmonisch
» Leichte Schärfe
» Subtile Süße
» Leicht bitteres Finish



FaudeFeineBrände ist aus der jungen deutschen Barkultur kaum wegzudenken. Wie wenige andere versteht er es den Zutaten schonend und mit viel Liebe ihre Aromen zu entlocken und sie zu besonderen Bränden zu veredeln.

Diese Liebe zum Detail ist es, die Knete Gin seine einzigartige Charakteristik verleiht.

The Knete family

Es gibt Knete-Gin in drei verschiedenen Abfüllungen

500ml / 700ml / 50 ml


  • Knete Last Word

    Glas: Tea Bowl

    4,5 cl Knete Gin
    2,0 cl Chartreuse Verte
    2,0 cl Luxardo Marschino
    2,0 cl Lime Juice

    Shake and strain into coupette
  • Knete Negroni

    Glas: Tumbler

    4,5 cl Knete Gin
    2,5 cl Campari
    2,5 cl Antica Formula

    Built in glas | Stir and serve
  • Knete Hightball

    Glas: Highball

    5,0 cl Knete Gin
    2,0 cl Lime Juice
    1,0 cl Sugar Syrup

    Built in glas | Garnish with lemon twist | Add sexy bitters and ginger
  • Nörgelknete

    Glas: Tea Bowl

    6,0 cl Knete Gin
    3,0 cl Lemon Juice
    2,0 cl Sugar Syrup 2:1

    Shake and strain into tea bowl | Add sexy bitters


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